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If you’ve just moved into a new place, undergone major renovation, are cleaning up the morning after a major party or are simply dealing (perhaps struggling) with the old things and rubbish from sprint cleaning, it may be best to hire a reliable skip bin service— ahem, us! We offer competitive prices and fast response to all customers statewide, providing standard skip bins and all the means necessary to move and remove residential waste.

Our guidelines can be found on the home page and requested through contact channels, to make sure that you don’t miss a thing when handling your rubbish, as your safety and the safety of the environment is our top priority.

Things that cannot be placed inside the bins include:

  • Asbestos, fibro cement sheeting, and other hazardous material
  • Paint cans with paint remaining in them
  • Oil; used or unused
  • Car tyres
  • Tree stumps
  • Spring mattresses (we provide a separate removal service for this)

Things that may be placed in a bin:

  • Furniture and household cleaning items
  • Garden waste
  • Residential rubbish including old things and papers
  • Builder’s rubble and waste
  • Commercial waste
  • Waste left over from renovation in commercial or residential areas
  • Factory cleanup

In the case of renovations and remodeling, some hazardous waste such as asbestos may be left over, especially if you’ve remodeled a relatively old property. It is important that you make sure to recognise these types of waste. To deal with hazardous waste, contact your local council which should have a free, expert service for removing such hazardous material like oil or asbestos. While Perth Skip Bin hire will take care of all the rest and appropriately remove and recycle ordinary rubbish, it is best to have the local council service deal with dangerous waste in your area. We coordinate with them to ensure we don’t miss a thing, and the right people deal with the right types of waste with no damage or cost to customers or the environment.

Perth Skip Bin Hire is proud of its endeavours to protect the earth, the efficiency with which we serve customers and its reputation as the most highly-recommended bin hire service in the state.